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Weasel Coffee Singapore

The official name is from Sumatra where the best coffee in the world is produced. Kopi Luwak simply means coffee from the Luwak. The Luwak is the jungle wild cat we call the civet cat which by appearance would be similar to a weasel, and it is these clever wild animals that are responsible for the world’s finest tasting coffee. Connoisseurs around the world marvel at the uniquely rich flavor and aromas that are produced by these cats, in their own special way, to make the finest coffee in the world, called Kopi Luwak or weasel coffee. The taste is internationally recognized throughout the coffee industry as the best coffee taste in the world. The taste is known not only for its incredibly subtle and delicious flavor that will linger on the palette for a memorable experience but, it has the most exceptional smoothness of any coffee.


Here, in the west, we also marvel at the way this amazing coffee is produced because if you have never heard of this coffee or the way it is made, then prepare yourself to be amazed; it isn’t called cat shit coffee for nothing. Yes, the coffee has a big help from Mother Nature when it is produced. The highly sought after taste is due to its highly specialized processing cycle, and it has been personally picked by the world’s most renown inspector of fresh coffee cherries, there is absolutely no argument about that. It is simply known worldwide as the premiere coffee that possesses the rarest exotic taste. Civet cat coffee has earned its reputation on flavor alone and not just because of its unique production process.

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